Monday, June 13, 2011

BOBO!!! ( ・∀・)

AH! It's rainy season! You know what that means? I have to get creative with doing laundry indoors! My clothes take about 2-3 days to dry pending on thickness due to the humidity, but at least they are getting clean! Fwooh!

In other news! Meet BOBO!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's Official!!

It's summer time! Funky new teas like Green Apple and Brown Sugar Milk Tea are now out! Also- the Ajisai have started blooming! YES!

The Walk, Puzzle and other adventures

Last weekend I walked to Futamatagawa to see if the Seiyu (Walmart) had any summer clothes that would fit me and would be work appropriate. Unfortunately, I have a very limited working wardrobe (aka things that can cover my tattoo). Most summer things are low- cut V necks, which won’t do. It’s very frustrating. Anyway, when I was there not finding any clothes that fit properly, I looked around the rest of the store. I finally found a good metal tea pot and I also stumbled across something I thought would be time consuming…

I ended up buying an Alice in Wonderland puzzle. It was expensive, but I thought to my self “Hey, it’s 950 pieces. This will take me a while to finish. This will be worth the money.” By noon the next day, I had the puzzle finished. Boy was I wrong. The thing is huge too. It’s not like it’s a small puzzle. It was just easy. Now I really want to finish that stupid Snow White puzzle that I couldn’t complete while I was at Ringling. :C

On the walk on Saturday, I got sunburned. I’ve become so pale from winter and no longer living in Florida. I don’t mind it, I just hate sunburns. In other news, I’ve decided 2 very important things. I’ve figured out that I’m going to open up another bank account in Japan and that I’m going through Shinsei. I’ve also figured out that I’m buying a goldfish. I really miss having pets in my life. Goldfish are cheap, easy to take care of and most important they cute. I’m working on getting all of the supplies.

Something else of importance has happened to me recently too. I just started taking Japanese classes. Interac/ Maxceed just started offering classes this past Tuesday until March. We were told the classes will go through the summer too if we want. I will of course be taking two weeks off of the classes to travel around Japan with my family though. The classes are from 6:00- 7:30 every Tuesday night. Last night I got home around 9:00. I’m taking the beginner course and although I’m one of the most advanced students in the course, I really need the formal refresher. I also know that I missed a lot of the basics the first time I formally took Japanese and I’m making up for it now. There was a really pretty sunset from the view of the Radio Nihon building.

On an unrelated note, I’ve started trying to make some recipes from home. I made potato salad. My next task is to make tortillas for Tex- mex night. OH YEAH! I already have the ingredients.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Yokohama. Holiday. Melon Slushies. Art.

Yesterday was Yokohama day! I’m in love with Japanese holidays. Since I don’t get 2 ½ months off for summer vacation, the mass amount holidays make up for it (mostly). Yesterday, I cleaned my apartment and balanced my budget. Fun times! It’s always fun trying to figure out the bare minimum one needs to survive monthly. I have monthly student loan payments to make, which amount for almost half my paycheck every month. Needless to say, it’s a buzz-kill.

On Wednesday, I did an hour of karaoke by myself. It was my first time to do it and I will probably do it more often. There aren’t many places where you can sing at the top of your lungs and not be embarrassed. In Japan I’m thinking there are 2 places (as an adult): karaoke and live concerts. The best part about my karaoke place is that it is all you can drink free soft drinks and they have melon slushies. SO GOOD. The price per hour is 280en too so it is a really good deal. I love the melon slushies! Here’s a short clip of me singing an Ikimonogakari song. I love them.

I also wanted to post a newsletter from the PTA I received this week. Most of it is blurred out because I wasn’t sure what I could and couldn’t show as far as privacy. This is a list of all the teachers from my school with what subject they teach. I’m the only one not blurred out. The two people with the little text blurbs are the principal and vice principal of the school. They are talking about how wonderful the PTA is.

Next week I go back to my other school (the one with the taiko club) and maybe I can get the students to film me being an idiot trying to learn the drums. Tonight, I stayed late at school to record the student’s listening tests. I also got to draw for 30 min with the art club. They were doing landscapes and this is what I contributed. It was fun drawing from life again. I haven't had a chance to do it in a while. Very good practice.

Also- check out the huge azalea bush near one of my schools.