Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Packing and General Update

Things have been pretty hectic lately. I've been trying to substitute teach 3 days a week and do (and get) art commissions. In my free time, I've been looking for housing,
trying to eat all of the food I have left in my parent's house, and going to stores trying to find everything I need for the next year. I've pretty much found everything I want to bring with me (OTC meds, a swimsuit, etc). As of this moment, I'm waiting for my COE (the thing I need to get my visa) in the mail. Interac sent me a message last night stating that it has been shipped. I'm also having problems trying to find housing, but I'll get into the details of that situation sometime in the future. I'm just trying to get things in order. Oh! I'm also sewing a nice, wool peacoat with my mom right now.

For now, I'm leaving you all with my list of things I'm packing in my 2 suitcases (small and large) and my carry on bag. Note that I am also bringing a camera bag on the plane with me as my "personal item". I'm hoping this list will aid other ALTs going to Japan and possibly help me think of anything else I might want to bring.

Packing list:

Tylenol Sinus
Towel Set w/ all hand towels
Make-up/Facial Products (I use Lush, which I can get in Tokyo)
Toothbrush/ Toothpaste
Hair brush
Q-Tips (enough for a week or 2)
Nail Kit
Ace Wrap

Winter/ Summer/ Work Clothes
Underwear/ Socks/ Bras/ Panty Hose
Rain Boots/ Flats/ Sneakers
Extra Glasses with Cases
Hats/ Gloves
Nice Purse/ Backpack/ Totes (for groceries)

Laptop with Extra Cord & Airplane cord
Drawing supplies/ Gouache & Watercolor
Blank sketch books
Sewing Kit
Nintendo DS with games and cord
Nikon D40X, Yashica, & Holga with lenses & film
Flip Cam with batteries
2 Wacom tablets
Letter Sets
Tissue pack (for plane ride and bathrooms)
Ipod with 2 cords
Passport and important info (copies of medical records, etc.)
Extra ¥ (from previous trips to Japan)
Gum (plane trip)
Italian Seasoning
Taco Seasoning
3 to 2 prong plug converters

{{the remaining are all books I own}}
Japanese Cooking
Buying Food
Japanese for Busy People
Japan Health Handbook
Frommer's Japan
Living in Japan
Unread Graphic Novels (if space)
Easy Kanji

American chocolate in fancy boxes (omiyage)
US Map (realia)
Roll of Pennies (prizes)
US Flag pins (prizes)
Stickers (prizes)
American calendars (gifts for very helpful people)

And finally, I wanted to let you all know that I finished reading the Etiquette book. It's a really good book to read for people not too familiar with Japan and Japanese customs. It's also just a little over 100 pages so it is a quick read. I knew pretty much everything mentioned in the book since I practically minored in Asian Studies, but I did learn about weddings and funeral rituals. Don't know if I'm going to be going to either of those while I'm in Japan, but I will be calling home to ask for info from this book should it happen.

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