Monday, March 14, 2011


I'm finally leaving. I heard from my friend Tomomi, who was at school when the quake and tsunami happened and she is fine. All of my friends are fine.

I was supposed to leave this morning, but last night I chickened out and called the airlines to see if they would let me hold off from flying for a day. They didn't put up a fight and rescheduled me to fly tomorrow morning. Same flight numbers. Same times. Different day. Bizarre.

I'm worried about the lack of food. I'm worried about the continued aftershocks. I'm worried about the power plants up north. I'm worried about the rolling black outs. I'm worried about my luggage and getting to the hotel and all the little things about traveling... but I'm still going.

I'm going because I believe I'm going to be safe. I don't think international flights would still be going to and from Japan if they felt that Japan was that unsafe of an environment. I'm going because my company feels it is safe for me there. I'm going because not only my company needs me, but because my school districts need me. I told them I would be there and I'm not backing down on my promises. I truly don't feel like I'm going into a war zone. If my placement was up north, I wouldn't be going.

My father doesn't want me to go. My aunt doesn't want me to go. My grandmother doesn't want me to go (she never did in the first place). I'm still going.

I've taken some extra precautions before leaving. I'm bringing water, 2 bags of trail mix, and a flash light with extra batteries. I will be calling the airport tonight before leaving to ask which train lines I can take and which ones would be the best to take, since a lot of the lines aren't running due to the lack of electricity. I've printed off a list of emergency contact numbers and some common emergency terms should something happen.

I know things will be hard when I first arrive. This obviously isn't how I planned how my trip would take place. I will try my damnest to try and keep contact with my family and update this blog when I first get over there. For now my heart is in the country of Japan and in 31 hours my body will be too.

It's time to start the adventure of the 23rd year of my life. がんばれ。

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