Saturday, March 12, 2011

Travel Plans

I woke up yesterday morning with an inbox flooded with messages asking about my safety. A lot of my friends thought I was already in Japan. As most of you know, I'm supposed to be leaving on Monday. I had no idea what was going on when I first woke up. I've been sick due to a sudden allergy attack and have been sleeping in later because of it. As I turned on the tv and started reading my twitter feed I was horrified. All day yesterday I stayed glued to the tv, worked on a freelance painting I needed to finish, and tried to get a hold of my friends in Japan. I still haven't heard from my friend Tomomi, who is going to Tohoku University in Sendai, Miyagi. I'm very worried about her.

I'm in constant contact with a lot of my co-workers/ future co-workers on a daily basis due to facebook and an Interac group on there that I'm apart of. One of the members, who happens to work in the head office, said this:

"I'd like everyone to think about what's been in my mind the last few hours:
'The Kids Will Need You'
I believe this is true; and now, more than ever before, Japanese children will be looking for something good, positive, and fun in their lives. We can be that.
Give you heart to them. Don't give up."

I continued packing today. The Yokohama branch emailed me telling me this:

"Most flights to Narita airport are out of schedule still now.
Would you watch out what happens to your flight, and keep
us updated?

The earthquake caused many people in Tokyo/Yokohama
to going back home, but everyone here is OK, and preparing
for the orientation starting on Mar 21."

I was relieved to hear that everyone in the Yokohama branch was OK. I've been watching NHK and CNN non-stop. My heart is with the people of Japan. I will be with you all soon and I hope I can help in whatever way possible.

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