Tuesday, April 26, 2011

China Town, etc.

So last Friday I went to an AET meeting in downtown Yokohama (Motomachi Chukagai station). After the meeting I decided I would treat myself to a nice meal. After all, my bills came in and they were much cheaper than expected, so I had left over money. I took several pictures while I was there and I thought you lot would enjoy seeing them.

School is going well (I think). Yet again I was confronted with the fact the other AET left before the school year was out. What a bastard. You had 2 weeks to go before graduation and you left? Now, I’m having to rebuild bridges. Apparently this guy was from Houston as well, which doesn’t help my cause. The school did make my shoe locker smell like roses and put a little flower on my locker too. How cute. I think someone stole the flower though because it’s not there anymore. My locker still smells like roses though. :D

Today my school took a picture of me to be put in the PTA newsletter. They said I can get a copy once it goes out. I hope there is nothing bad written in it. Lol. Speaking of pictures, here’s a copy of my Gaijin Card. It shows I’m legal. I blacked out some important info again. Sorry!

All in all things are going better. I’ll be posting here more often now that I’m pretty much caught up on what’s been going on. Friday is a national holiday (Showa day), which kicks off Golden Week. I’m excited to be able to have some time off. I’m hoping to go see Sankeian Garden and maybe I’ll go to Zoorasia. The zoo is 1 train stop over from me, so I should probably go. And I was just informed that I can take a bus from Mitsukyo directly to the zoo! WOOH! My excuse is that I need to scout out some places for my parents to visit in Yokohama, plus I haven’t seen a lot of my city. Opportunity! Cha! \(^0^)/

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